The Intrigued Housewife.

The Intrigued Housewife.

I was visiting a neighbour when a friend of hers turned up for a chat.
Our conversation was covering many different subjects, when my neighbours friend  disclosed that although she and her husband had a ten year old daughter, they had discovered a few years prior to, that they could not have anymore children.
I asked how that made her feel and she said sad at the time but she and her husband had come to terms with it.
I explained to her briefly about my fertility methods.
She asked many questions and I told her what she should try and practice regarding her thinking to alter her present situation. She understood fully what I was saying and realised she was constantly using the pattern of thought that I was researching.
I never saw the lady again but found out through my neighbour that she had become pregnant approximately twelve weeks after I had spoken to her.
She went on to have a healthy daughter.
The methods have to be experienced to realise how powerful it can be when practiced on a daily basis.
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